Welcome to SanBieri Creations!

All proceeds from the sale of these handmade crafts are donated to select charities. Presently all products offered are face masks, which can be ordered either ready-made or custom-made. In the future, other products may be added, but for now the focus is on making beautiful face masks for gift-giving, or your own wearing pleasure. Masks that are not sold on this site within reasonable time will be donated to one of the supported charities for distribution or sale as they see fit. DISCLAIMERS: These are not N95 or other medical grade masks. However, they can be built to provide more filtration with extra layer(s), moldable nose bridges, etc. Also, for my own reasons, I do not wash the fabrics prior to sewing. They are steam-pressed multiple times, which can help with shrinkage a bit. I’ve machine washed my own in warm water and they turned out fine.  Those with ribbons are best hand-washed.

How This Works

First, check out the Supported Causes and decide where your funds should go. You can either make a donation directly to that cause (and receive a potential tax deduction), or send the funds to me so I can take care of it and provide proof of donation.

Next, peruse the Sample Face Masks section to get an idea of what I can make, what styles look like, etc. and then head over to the Available Face Masks section and decide if you want to purchase any of the masks that are already made. Mask prices do not include shipping. If not, peruse the Fabric Gallery and make a note of the fabrics you want for the front and back of your mask. You will need to enter the fabric names in the Mask Order Form. Pleated masks (unless they have a middle filter pocket) can generally be worn with either side facing out (“reversible”), so you might want to pick fabrics accordingly (example: if you love cats and flowers, order cats on side and flowers on the other – again, this works only for pleated masks. Shaped masks will just need a solid color on the back).

Finally, if you have decided to custom order a mask, complete your Mask Order Form and submit it. I suggest making a note to yourself of the cost of any add-ons so you will know how much your total minimum donation amount should be – but don’t worry if you forget to make notes as I will email your total anyway. Mask prices do not include shipping.

Shipping can be arranged. I prefer to ship USPS Priority 3-Day Flat Rate, which in most cases costs $7.75 whether it’s one mask or 12 (or however many I can fit in one envelope). This saves me a trip to the post office, as I can print pre-paid labels and send them out from home. However, if you want to save a bit of money, I will work with you on that. Mask prices do not include shipping.

Please be as generous as you can!  These masks take me quite a while to make – anywhere from 45 minutes to multiple hours. It makes my time much more valuable in supporting these causes if you can pay extra for your mask (example: if the total minimum donation requested for your mask is $15, consider donating $20 or more). I think it’s important for people to wear masks, and this endeavor is designed to be a win-win. But if you can’t pay extra, I do understand and genuinely appreciate any help in supporting these causes – it’s just that I consider it my job to try to raise as much money as possible. :)