About SanBieri

Hello! My name is Sandra Bieri. My common nickname is “Sandy”, but my family calls me “San”. People often ask how to pronounce my last name, so I’ll explain. “Bier” is the German word for beer (my husband is Swiss German), and is pronounced the same way. So, it’s “Beer-ee” (accent first syllable).

I am a novice sewer who hadn’t done much sewing at all since I was a young girl who loved to make Little House on the Prairie-style Barbie clothes on an old black circa mid-1950’s Singer 221 Featherweight. I still have it! But my creations are currently being made with a newer machine – it’s a Singer 328 Style-O-Matic, circa mid-1960’s! Nothing fancy, but it’s a well-made machine that does everything I need it to do.

Anyway, when COVID-19 hit, something possessed me to learn how to make face masks, and do it NOW. I call it “a God thing”. When He wants you to do something, you just gotta go do it, no matter how much sense it doesn’t seem to make at the time. I was completely clueless about making masks and could barely remember how to thread a sewing machine. A friend offered to send me a link to a simple mask pattern, and then I also found some help from the CDC guidelines. Being that I had no “unused” fabric in the house, I scrambled to find anything that I could cut that was made out of cotton, and took a stab at it. Those first couple of masks were no prizes (one was made out of a t-shirt, and the other a pillow case), but they were masks. Check out my blogs for photos of them, just for laughs!

Since then, I have spent dozens of hours watching tutorials, downloading patterns, experimenting, buying supplies online and in stores, and experimenting some more. I’m still experimenting, and I’m not here to tell you that I’m a great seamstress, or that my masks are the best out there, but we’ve come a long way. Not everyone enjoys wearing a mask, so I feel it’s important to make them a bit more fun and/or fashionable to put on in order to help stop the spread of the virus. Important disclaimer: I don’t promise that my masks will keep people from contracting COVID-19. They are not N95 or other medical grade masks. Certain designs will offer more protection than others, but the real reason for using them is to help prevent wearers who are unknowingly carrying the virus from possibly spreading it to others. Hopefully by now most people can wrap their minds around this objective.

Besides learning how to make masks, I also felt strongly compelled (another “God thing”) to donate them to charity, and/or sell them and donate the proceeds to charity. The Salvation Army was the first organization I was drawn to, so I have donated some masks there, and have also donated mask sales proceeds there. As the pandemic continues on without an end in sight, I have felt the call to open up my mission to additional causes in order to hopefully attract a wider customer base, generate more revenue, help more organizations, and get more masks in circulation. You will find information and links on the Supported Causes menu selection.

My other passions include horseback riding, running, computer projects (this is the first WordPress site I have built from scratch), and amateur photography. I recently purchased a new camera and am looking forward to being able to spend more time learning how to create good quality photos. Part of my plan for this site it to eventually add some photography-related products.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I would love it if you would consider being a part of this journey!