Humble Beginnings!

It’s somewhat embarrassing to post this, but transparency is good, and perhaps folks will get a much-needed laugh out of my three earliest “creations”!

First Mask!

My very first mask was made from a t-shirt lying around the house, and some ancient elastic found in my (deceased) mother’s sewing cabinet, using the CDC guidelines for making a simple face mask. It wasn’t fancy, but it was a mask!

My second mask was made out of a old decent-quality cotton pillowcase. A friend of mine who had made a few masks for others gave me the pattern. It was my first pleated mask.

Second Mask


Third Mask








After watching a tutorial on YouTube, I ventured my first attempt at a shaped mask. It had two layers of fabric stabilizer and a filter pocket. Considering it was only my third mask, it didn’t turn out too badly!

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